Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated. CFC#78028

Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated. CFC#78028

For our federal community members wishing to provide a donation to us through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) you will need to go through the following steps.

1.      Go to the donor pledging system portal at: https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome

2.      Sign up for a free account by using a valid email and a password. You will see the following message: Your account has been created. Please check your email for verification PIN. If you have not received an email, please request sending code again or contact customer service. Depending on your workplace's security settings, the verification PIN email may take up to 24 hours to arrive in your inbox.

3.      You will receive an email from GivingSupport@cfccharities.org with your verification pin and instructions to “click here” to enter the pin. If that does not work you will be given a URL to paste into your browser.

4.      Enter the pin and hit submit. You will be taken back to the account login page where you will enter your email and your password created in step 2 above and then click sign in.

5.      You will then be asked to select 3 security questions and answers and submit them.

6.      You will then create your profile by selecting a donor type (Federal Employee or Member of the Military, Federal Annuitant or Military Retiree, or Federal Contractor), providing your name, etc. click submit. You should see a message saying your information has been successfully updated and a box that says “Go to Homepage,” click it.

7.      Once back at the homepage you will see a blue box that says pledge now. Click it. Find a Charity comes up and you can enter our CFC#78028, Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated, or our EIN# 52-06220722. The categories we are listed under are (E) Health Care, (M) Public Safety & Disaster Preparedness & Relief, and (W) Public & Social Benefit. Our Zone is National Capital Area/Northern Virginia CFC Zone.

Fill in the information and hit submit.

8.      If you have any difficulty with the system, please call (800) 797-0098 for immediate assistance.

9.      Even though the official campaign ends on January 11, 2019, you can still donate throughout the year using our CFC#78028.

Please note, the system may be down temporarily due to the government shutdown. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS TO THE HILLANDALE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT!!